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Welcome to Nehemiah Computer Repair of Greensboro

We are a local non- profit organization owned and operated offering quality and reliable computer repair at an affordbale price for the community we serve.

Whether it’s setting up and maintaining a small home PC, removing a virus or malware from your personal laptop or upgrading an old pc that you thought was

no longer capable to perform.   WE CAN HELP!

Starting 2023, when you purchase a complete computer system, the Nehemiah Center will donate a complete computer system to a family to upgrade their technology at home.

Customer Support

Connect and get support from a real Nehemiah Rep every step of the way.

Online Orders

Purchase a desktop or chromebook online and have it shipped to you.

0% Interest Financing

Get the devices you need without the hassle of one lump sum payments. We work with you.

Affordable Pricing

All our devices are priced fairly and guranteed to perfrom a wide range of funcations. 

How We Support Our Community

Nehemiah Geek Squad envisioned more than just providing affordable PCs and laptops to the community. We took it a step further by giving a unique opportuity for teenagers and young adults to get certified, attain hands-on experience and employment in the IT field.

Through our funding sources, we also offer CompTIA ITF+ classes & training to under-represented individuals in the communities we serve for FREE.  At Nehemiah, we are creating career awareness and diversity in I.T.

Profits from PC sales goes right back into our programming and

provide stipends for our teen and adult apprentices.

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How Can We Help?

Purchase a Desktop and More

We proivde a range of digital devices from desktops & chromebooks to monitors and other accessories. Click Shop now to see our selection of devices for purchase.

Image by Jeroen den Otter
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Image by Nathan Anderson

Request a Desktop/Laptop Repair

Is your device running slow? Did you forget your password and now you are locked out of your computer? We help solve those problems and more. Schudle an appointment for our Geek Squad to evaluate your device and consult with you on potential diagnosis.

  • How long is the Summer Camp duration?
    Our Summer Camp is typically last from June 13th to August 19th.
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