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Phenomenal Women in STEM


Building Phenomenal Women 

Ladies, you can attain your I.T. certification, increase your technical ability, and acquire the work experience needed to become gainfully employed in the I.T. field.  Or you may be a displaced worker, unemployed or seeking to pursue a different career.  This is a great place to start to attain the foundational skill set needed to pursue a successful career in I.T.

  I.T./Computer Support Specialist

    - Phase 1: Intro to PC & Digital Literacy (8-week course)

    - Phase 2: CompTIA's ITF+ certification (14-week course)

We have partnered with Apprenticeship NC, Reading Connections, NC & Guilford Works,  local businesses and corporations to provide the much-needed training, certifications and hands-on OJT experience required.  Through this initiative, participants may qualify for a FULL Apprenticeship opportunity where you can earn 50% journeyman's wage during your advanced certification training.  

That's right ladies - You can EARN WHILE YOU LEARN!

After taking our course and receiving your Google IT Generalist certification, you will qualify for the following job titles:  Computer Specialist, Computer Support Specialist, Computer Technician, Desktop Support Technician, Help Desk Analyst, Help Desk Technician, Information Technology Specialist (IT Specialist), Network Technician, Support Specialist, Technical Support Specialist.


At the Nehemiah Center, we are educating individuals for the lucrative jobs in the I.T. field, creating jobs, increasing financial stability, and developing a more diverse workforce in the communities we serve.


Ready to Start? Click the link to get started!

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