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Terri Owens Apprenticeship Success Story

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Nehemiah 2022 Phenomenal Womens Apprentice: Teri Owens

Gaining Experience

Terri was referred to the NCWorks Career Center by our partners at Nehemiah Community Empowerment Center for employment and training services. After graduating with her master’s degree in criminal studies/cybersecurity in 2018, she could not find employment due to her lack of experience.

She was interested in the Phenomenal Women in STEM apprenticeship program offered by Nehemiah Community Empowerment Center to gain experience in the IT industry. Her goal was to find employment as a Computer User Support Specialist.

Overcoming Obstacles

At the time of Terri’s enrollment with NCWorks, she hadn’t worked a permanent job in over three years. She also struggled to find a computer sufficient for IT-related tasks at home. She believes her greatest barrier to employment was her lack of significant work history or professional experience.

Terri enrolled in the WIOA program for training and employment services. She started the IT apprenticeship program at Nehemiah Community Empowerment Center in April 2021. While participating in the apprenticeship program, she finalized her resume to show her IT-related skills from her master’s program, completed virtual interview preparation, and learned how to write a cover letter email. Terri also received a laptop on loan through GuilfordWorks’ TechBoost grant.

Once Terri completed Phase I of her apprenticeship program, she was invited to participate in a paid work experience at Nehemiah Community Empowerment Center to gain hands-on experience in the IT industry. While in Phase II of her apprenticeship program, Terri received supportive services to cover the cost of professional attire, such as shoes, pants, and polo shirts.

Finding Enjoyment Through Employment

After completing her program with Nehemiah in April 2022, she obtained employment as a Help Desk Technician at The Longleaf Network, earning $20 an hour. Terri hopes to earn further IT certifications as she pursues her career.

The Nehemiah Center is thrilled to be a part of Terri's story.

We wish her the best throughout her I.T. career and future endeavors.


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